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Our comprehensive laboratory service covers marine and freshwater benthic taxonomy, sediment chemistry and water quality analysis.

Benthic Taxonomy

Sediment samples, collected either by our field surveyors or provided by our clients, are processed in our fully equipped laboratory. Our expert team sorts the samples prior to fauna being identified and counted by experienced taxonomists.

Faunal data is then analysed using appropriate univariate and multivariate techniques, with the results used to determine the condition of faunal communities at various sampling stations.

All work is quality controlled, with both internal and external assessment carried out.

FVG Environmental Services participates in the National Marine Biological Analytical Quality Control Scheme (NMBAQC).

Sediment Analysis

Sediment samples can be collected and processed for a number of parameters including particle size analysis (PSA), carbon (LOI) and residues.

Samples for particle size analysis are processed in-house using an Octagon D300 sieve shaker in compliance with BS 1377:1990: Parts 1&2 and the NMBAQC methodology. Our sediment laboratory participates in the NMBAQC laboratory quality control scheme.

Sediment samples can also be analysed for other parameters including carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and residues (emamectin benzoate & calicide).