Bacteriology 1


In contrast to PCR (which will detect the presence of non-viable bacteria), bacteriology will find living, disease-causing bacteria within tissue.

Our Inverness premises have a dedicated bacteriology lab for working with aquatic bacterial pathogens and can receive bacteriological samples in the form of inoculated agar plates or in transport media such as swabs. The lab is happy to provide insight and advice on best-practice sampling for fish pathogens, along with the provision of growth media and transport swabs.

Our FVG lab technician assessing for any pathogen detection

Our bacteriology services include:

  • Basic culture and identification 
  • Antibiotic sensitivity against UK fish-licensed antibiotics
  • Molecular identification of isolates (via PCR or sequencing)
  • Supply of bacteriology sampling equipment (including marine agars)
Salmon Bacteriology video
Lumpsucker Bacteriology video

More information on our bacteriology services call us on 01463 71774  

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