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Diagnostic Imaging

Radiography is the use of electromagnetic radiation (x-rays) to view internal structures and organs. In aquaculture, radiography is most commonly used to examine the spinal health of Atlantic salmon populations ahead of freshwater transfer by checking the quality of bone mineralisation and the incidence of vertebral deformity.

Radiography is also occasionally used as part of investigations or research into nutritional or fillet melanisation issues in aquaculture.

Our Inverness laboratory has specialist digital x-ray equipment capable of the fine-detail imaging required for fish radiography. With 20 years of experience in undertaking and interpreting spinal radiography of salmonids, we are able to provide you with experienced opinion on the significance of observed radiographic abnormalities.

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FVG Digital Xray

Our technical staff receive external training on radiography in order to achieve the best quality images for our veterinary surgeons to read and report. 

Our radiography service clients include producers, research groups and feed companies.

To discuss any aspect of radiography in salmonids or other species, please call Dr Sara Pflaum on 01463 717774 or email sara.pflaum@fishvetgroup.com 

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