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Real-Time PCR is a technique for amplifying and detecting DNA, used for detecting the presence of specific pathogens in a sample. Real-Time PCR can amplify DNA that exists in very low numbers in a sample, and is therefore a highly sensitive method. Real-Time PCR results can be acquired very rapidly, making it an invaluable method in situations where time is of the essence.

Real-Time PCR results are also useful for early assessment of potential outbreaks and identification of different strains or genotypes of pathogens. Together with results from histology, we provide the customer with an accurate evaluation of the health and disease status of the fish.

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We offer rapid, consistent and reliable PCR results across a broad range of available assays including emergent pathogens such as salmon gill pox virus and Branchiomonas.

Available Tests

VirusRecommended Tissue
IPNV — Infectious pancreatic necrosis virus (IPNKidney 
ISAV — Infectious salmon anaemia virus (ISA)  Heart
ISAV-HPR0 — Non-pathogenic infectious salmon anaemia virus  Gills
Nodavirus (NVVVER)Brain/ Eye/ Kidney
SAV - Salmonid alphavirus (PD)Heart 
SGPV - Salmon gill poxvirus (POX)Gills 
VHSV - Viral haemorrhagic septicaemia virus (VHS)Kidney
BacteriaRecommended Tissue
Renibacterium salmoninarum (BKD)Kidney
Moritella viscosa (Winter ulcer)Kidney
Yersinia ruckeri (Enteric redmouth disease)Kidney
Branchiomanas cysticola (Epitheliocystis)Gills
ParasitesRecommended Tissue
(Neo)paramoeba perurans (AGD)Gills
Paranucleospora theridion/ Desmozoon lepeophtheriiGills/ Kidney/ Heart 
Salmon PCR sampling video

See sampling for submission advice, packaging and best practice sampling guidelines

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