Salmon Adult Blood Sampling

Serum Biochemistry & Haematology

Haematology (the examination and measurement of blood cells) and serum biochemistry (the measurement of blood biochemical parameters in order to determine heath status) are widely used in terrestrial animal veterinary medicine, yet these diagnostic methodologies have been comparatively underused in aquaculture veterinary medicine up to now.

Through recent work alongside the University of Glasgow, * FishVet Group can now advise aquaculture clients on sample selection and handling for investigating  fish diseases using serum biochemistry. Serum biochemistry can provide information on the extent or severity of muscle damage in populations experiencing viral myopathies such as pancreas disease (PD) and offer commentary on the nature of disease processes present in populations where more routinely-used diagnostic tools are inconclusive.

Our clinical staff also have particular experience interpreting blood smears (haematology) in fish for certain viral and parasitic conditions.

*Braceland, M., Houston, K., Ashby, A., Matthews, C., Haining, H., Rodger, H. and Eckersall, P. D.(2016), Technical pre-analytical effects on the clinical biochemistry of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.). Journal of Fish Diseases. doi: 10.1111/jfd.12476…

For more information on serum biochemistry and haematology in fish, including advice on sample collection or handling, please call us on 01463 717774 or email our lab at 

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