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Freshwater and Shellfish Surveys

Freshwater Surveys

We provide analyses for a range of requirements including assessment of the biological and physico- chemical impact of freshwater fish farms on the environment. We prepare tailored individual reports, and clients can benefit from full result interpretation and guidance.

Marine and Freshwater Water Quality Analysis

Water samples are taken and analysed to determine:

  • Chlorophyll
  • Phosphorus
  •  Nitrogen
  •  Alkalinity
  • Conductivity
  • pH
  • Dissolved oxygen concentration

Sediment samples are collected and analysed for:

  • Particle Size Analysis (PSA)
  • Carbon Loss on Ignition (LOI)
  • Emamectin benzoate (SLICE®) residue
  •  Redox
  •  Nitrogen
  •  Phosphorus


Shellfish regulation is changing with the transfer of licensing from the Crown Estate to Local Authorities and the increase in the number of Marine Protected Areas and other protected areas.

We are well placed to assist and support Scottish shellfish growers with all their monitoring and licensing requirements.

Our extensive experience in providing government agencies and regulators with environmental data can reduce the burden on shellfish operators to meet the legislative changes.

Shellfish Farm Surveys

We can plan and execute video and benthic surveys to meet regulatory requirements. We will also provide data analysis, interpretation and reporting of survey data ready for submission to regulatory bodies and agencies as part of the planning process.

Consultancy and Advice

With in depth knowledge and experience of current regulations, we can assist in the preparation of planning applications. We work with operators to ensure site permissions comply with current legislation.

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