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Laboratory Analysis


Our fully equipped laboratory processes both marine and freshwater benthic faunal samples, collected either by our field surveyors or provided by clients. Sediment samples are sorted prior to fauna identification and quantification by experienced taxonomists.


Particle Size Analysis (PSA) is provided in-house using an Octagon D300 sieve shaker, with fine particles analysed using a pipette method in conformance with NMBAQC guidelines and British Standards BS 1377:1990: Parts 1 and 2. Carbon Loss on Ignition (LOI), residues testing is also provided.

Water Quality

Water sample analysis for a range of chemical parameters is undertaken. Phytoplankton and jellyfish samples are submitted for identification, quantification and advice.

External Quality

FVG Environmental is a long-standing participant in the NMBAQC quality assurance scheme for the Own Sample and Ring Test components for faunal identification, and we have participated for over 3 years in the Particle Size Analysis Ring Test component — with good results achieved throughout.

Internal Quality

All samples and data produced conform to NMBAQC, SEPA and British Standard guidelines. Our SOPs, health and safety procedures, staff training and internal audits ensure consistent high quality.

For a full list of analysis options please contact enviro@fishvetgroup.com 

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