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Epidemiology and Data Analysis

Epidemiology is the study of the origin and causes of diseases and how diseases spread within and between populations.

In commercial aquaculture, applied epidemiology can be used to identify and describe patterns of disease within populations, to provide meaningful interpretation of these observed patterns and to evaluate the effect of health interventions on the occurrence or progression of disease.

"By partnering with leading international veterinary epidemiologists, FishVet Group are able to provide customised, innovative aquatic health informatics solutions"

It is an important tool that can be used to greatly enhance our understanding of disease dynamics and specific health challenges faced in aquaculture and can be applied from local site-level right through to global investigations.

In partnership with our consultant veterinary epidemiologists and informatics specialists at AusVet, we offer a range of epidemiological services including: 

  • Practical analysis of datasets
  • Study design
  • Advanced disease surveillance solutions

For further information on our epidemiology and data analysis services, please call us on 01463 717774 or email info@fishvetgroup.com 

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