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Fish Quality

Flesh quality is intrinsically linked to health and welfare. Disease, damage or stressful events experienced from early in the production cycle, right through to point of slaughter can lead to a range of issues at harvest and result in downgrades at processing.

Our fish quality consultancy service can help you to reduce losses due to sub-optimal flesh quality and fillet marks associated with health or welfare compromise. We can offer advice and support in the face of product safety fears such as detection of parasites or residue concerns. 

We have experience and expertise across a broad area of end-product safety and quality concerns. Our global team includes experts in salmon myopathies, aquatic parasitology, fillet melanisation and fish welfare. 

Fish Quality2
"Optimising health and welfare throughout the production cycle is vital in ensuring that a safe, high quality product is achieved at harvest"

The range of services offered surrounding end-product quality and safety include: 

  • Design and implementation of investigations into fillet marks and other flesh quality issues
  • Consultation on food safety in farmed fish products
  • Identification and consultation on the significance of parasites detected in farmed fish products 
  • Review of harvest procedures and advice on reducing stress and damage to fish at harvest 
  • Audits of vaccination protocols and consultation on reducing the incidence of vaccine-related fillet melanisation 
  • Training on accurate identification and classification of fillet marks 
  • Radiographic assessment of populations to evaluate the incidence of spinal deformities that may lead to downgrades at time of harvest 

For further information on our fish quality services, please call us on 01463 717774 or email info@fishvetgroup.com 

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