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Primary Veterinary Services

Frontline, first-opinion aquatic veterinary practice has been central to our business since its inception over 20 years ago, and remains so today. Our vets provide core veterinary support to aquaculture producers, performing routine and investigatory site visits across all farmed species and production systems.

We bring our clients strong focus on preventative health, having been involved in the development of the veterinary health planning (VHP) process for Atlantic salmon, which is mandatory for the aquaculture industry’s principle welfare and quality certification schemes such as RSPCA Assured, Global Gap and Label Rouge. 

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Experienced frontline veterinary support for fish farms.

The size and exibility of our team means our clinicians are able to provide rapid response when required. With our diagnostic histopathology, bacteriology and PCR service fully in-house, this brings our veterinary clients an integrated approach capable of interpreting and discussing the signi cance of diagnostic results based on detailed knowledge of the farms. 

Our veterinary practice is accredited by the RCVS Practice Standards Assurance Scheme, which audits our practice to ensure the highest standards of clinical care. The team is led by European Veterinary Specialists in Aquatic Animal Health, and provides teaching in aquaculture veterinary medicine in a number of the UK’s vet schools.

Alongside aquaculture producers principally in the salmon and trout sectors, we offer experienced health and welfare advice across all cultured species including research fish.  

Our veterinary practice has also APHA registered Official Veterinarians (OV) capable of assisting our clients with issues around fish export. 

To discuss our veterinary services, call us on 01463 717774 

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